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A body transformation is not solely about your physical appearance.  In order to affect a lasting physical reformation your habits, routines, mindset, and nutrition will likely go through a transformation as well.  I would strongly suggest that you have completed at least three months of strength training before proceeding with this program.  This would ensure you have a basic knowledge of form and technique, and that you have a base of strength from which to work.  If not, find a coach who knows, understands, and can teach proper body mechanics and movement patterns.



Every fat loss diet is based on caloric restriction, and that’s good.  Most of us eat more and more often than we actually need.  Doing so creates a myriad of issues including hormonal imbalance, insulin sensitivity, inflammation and more.  I recommend trying to add these Tactical Nutrition tips to your diet.

Work your way into eating your daily intake into a six to four hour window.

Eat two meals per day.

Don’t snack.

On training days, if you eat carbs keep them at 50 grams or less.

On non-training days keep carbs at 25 grams or less.

If you track calories, do not add calories from cruciferous vegetables to your daily total.

Stop eating rice, potatoes, and pasta.  Instead, if you’re eating carbs, eat quinoa, hulled barley, black beans, pinto beans, lentils, and amaranth.

Eat your vegetables (preferably cruciferous) first, then proteins and fats, then your carbs last.

Try fasting for 18 to 24 hours twice a week.

Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, diluted, up to half an hour before eating.